Tagung mit Gewerkschaftsvertretern aller Partner


Am Donnerstag, dem 10.01.08, fand eine Tagung mit dem Fokus "Education – barriers, motivation and tools". Rege Diskussion führten zu einem intensiven Austausch und Zugewinn an Informationen für alle Anwesenden.

Die Tagesordnungspunkte umfassten:

Discussion of the motivation barrier

Right to education and political frames

Workshop A with participation of the Danish shop stewards and local- and federation representatives with the objective to discuss how to break down practical barriers for education

Workshop B: with participation of representatives from IG Metall, OPZZ and 3F education specialists will discuss differences and similarities in the tree countries concerning education and training. The workshop will focus on both legislation and agreements in relation to life long learning

Presentation of the 3F competence mapping method as a way both to exploit the political frames and to increase the motivation for education among our members